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spring’s arrival!

The Saskatchewan Writers Guild (SWG) contracted me to perform the duties of Managing and Poetry editors alongside Edward Willet, Prose editor, for spring volume 11: emerging saskatchewan writers. We started in December, with 122 submissions. We worked all winter. And, we launch this week! On March 21 we will be at the Revival Music Room in Regina. On March 26 we will have a sister launch in Saskatoon at the Refinery. Both will begin at 7 pm.

It’s been a thrill for me to work with these writers, with Ed, and with our fantastic SWG staff. It wasn’t that long ago that then-Saskatoon author, Shelley Leedahl, served as Poetry editor and worked with me to polish my poem for publication in spring volume 2! To have come full circle, so to speak, is a testament to the strength of the Saskatchewan writing community, particularly the SWG and Sage Hill, to build its members and supporters. I’m truly blessed to be part of the writing community in this amazing place! And I’m excited to introduce the contributors to spring to you!


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Upcoming Reading

Just a quick note to say that I’ll be giving a reading along with Scottish Poet, Ian Stephen, at the Saskatchewan Writers Guild on Saturday afternoon at 2 pm.  Short notice, but I’ll hope to see you there!  Click the link for more info.

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I love small town Saskatchewan!

And I love my job!  You never know what might be happening!

arts frenzyToday, I’ll give a reading at the Arts Frenzy being held in Regina Beach.  You can catch me on the Rudy’s Stage, 115 Centre St, just after 3 pm.  I’m up against the Riders’ game but I promise to update the score.  And that’s got me thinking that I should probably write a Riders’ poem one of these days.

But before the reading, I’m going to check out the 3rd Annual Regina Beach Show & Shine at the Buena Vista Ball Park.  My husband and I used to attend a lot of car shows, particularly Volkswagen events.  We used to have a 1967 VW Beetle and now we have a 1974 Westphalia, which is in parts because hubby is fixing the body.  I do have a poem about it in the works but it’s not yet ready to share.

See you later, folks!

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