Where she’s going

Readings, Performances & Workshops
Please contact me for additional information or to book a stop in your town.


Upcoming 2019 Events

7 pm March 21 spring volume 11: emerging saskatchewan writers Launch
Revival Music Room, 2224 Dewdney Avenue, Regina SK

7 pm March 26 spring volume 11: emerging saskatchewan writers Launch
The Refinery, 609 Dufferin Avenue, Saskatoon SK

7 pm March 29 Guest Author
Big River Public Library, Big River SK

9 am to 3 pm March 30 What’s in Lifetime? An Introduction to Writing Memoir
Big River Public Library, Big River SK


16 responses to “Where she’s going

  1. croghan27

    Yo Bern

    I look forward to obtaining a copy and happily delving into it.



  2. thishotplace

    Thanks, Croghie! I look forward to having a copy in my hands, too!!!

  3. Bernadette, a heart felt congrats to you on your book. I am looking forward to its release and getting lost in it 🙂 !!! Thank you so much for your kind words regarding “Kore” . . . I must say, I am rather excited myself (never been on a book cover haha). Bernadette, I am truly grateful to both you and Jackie for chosing one of my pieces – it is most certainly an honor!!

  4. Wow… hope you have a great tour Bernadette. I have marked down your Regina / April 8th date… Gord Barnes.

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  15. You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so trsteparannly clear now!

  16. If you're a criminal over in Britain, why would you want to give up your weapon. If your victim defends themselves, you are sure to be let go while the victim is prosecuted.It is probably time for Tom Clancy to update Patriot Games. In the modern version, Jack Ryan is prosecuted for breaking up the kidnapping and killing a terrorist, and he has to escape from prison while Sean goes free.(Eerily, Clancy saw the state of Britain and where it was heading at the time and included that in the defenses case.)

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