Summer of Writing: Acting Out

The summer of writing continues in fits and spurts.  I continue to write about our trip to Japan, in between tending the garden and enjoying the summer.  I’m seeing how our visits to Kyoto and Hiroshima rekindled my interests in peace politics and the anti-nuclear movement.  How could they not, having been moved to tears more than once during our day at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome), a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park  and the Museum it houses, where images and artifacts from the death and destruction after the US dropped the A-Bomb are on display?  Remnants of an atrocity.  Skeletal remains. Saskatchewan uranium. Image after image.  Powerful stuff.

Sometimes, writing isn’t enough. I must also act.  As such, I give you this , the Montreal Declaration for a Nuclear-Fission-Free World, from the World Social Forum recently held in Montreal:

(excerpt) As citizens of this planet … we are collectively calling for a mobilization of civil society around the world to bring about the elimination of all nuclear weapons, to put an end to the continued mass-production of all high-level nuclear wastes by phasing out all nuclear reactors, and to bring to a halt all uranium mining worldwide.

(Montreal Declaration for a Nuclear-Fission-Free World, PDF)

It’s particularly pressing that civil society gain some movement on this issue at this time as “a new Cold War” is afoot.  Please take time to read and endorse the Montreal Declaration.  Then share it with your networks and communities.  Saskatchewan’s Premier Brad Wall will do what he can to kill it.  Please don’t let him.


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