A week into September already!

2013-09-02 12.46.19-2There’s never a dull moment in Regina Beach and area!  At least there isn’t for this writer-in-residence!  The Duck Derby Parade was fun!  There I carried a fishing pole with a large worm.  Books bit the worm.  It was a bookworm.  But I had to explaiin it to too many people, so maybe it was not as good a get-up as I had thought it would be. The Moose Jaw Shriners were out en masse.  How can you not love those little cars!  Boys with toys, I always think!2013-09-02 13.12.50

There were a lot of people lined up along the parade route and I handed out a lot of business cards.  And it was hot!  I am forever grateful to the people running the lemonade stand partway through the parade route.  I had forgotten my water bottle in the car and I was thirsty!  I am also grateful to the kind people, one of whom is in my classes who shared the shade with me afterwards.  Oh, and I did not win a prize in the plastic duck race.  Maybe next year!

I began leading writing classes with an introduction to freewriting aka Natalie Goldberg this week.  One student commented on how much writing she accomplished in just a couple of hours.  Another suggested she didn’t have enough time to really get into her writing so I assigned her homework, to write for a half hour at least once this week.  I’m looking forward to leading the students through exercises in gathering sensory data and using it in their work this coming week.


I’m also meeting with a teacher at Lumsden High School to plan for a visit to her classroom and to talk about starting a writing group there.  Oh, how I wish there had been something like that for me as a young person!  That I can in some way contribute to this happening for young people now, is a gift.


But before that, however, there’s a fundraising gala for the Lioness Club.  So, I’m getting all dolled up with make-up and jewelry, stuffing business cards into my hand bag and heading out  to check this out.  I hear there’s a silent auction, too, so who knows what I might come home with!


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