I love small town Saskatchewan!

And I love my job!  You never know what might be happening!

arts frenzyToday, I’ll give a reading at the Arts Frenzy being held in Regina Beach.  You can catch me on the Rudy’s Stage, 115 Centre St, just after 3 pm.  I’m up against the Riders’ game but I promise to update the score.  And that’s got me thinking that I should probably write a Riders’ poem one of these days.

But before the reading, I’m going to check out the 3rd Annual Regina Beach Show & Shine at the Buena Vista Ball Park.  My husband and I used to attend a lot of car shows, particularly Volkswagen events.  We used to have a 1967 VW Beetle and now we have a 1974 Westphalia, which is in parts because hubby is fixing the body.  I do have a poem about it in the works but it’s not yet ready to share.

See you later, folks!


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