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Thursday was another great day at Regina Beach!  I attended the United Church fundraiser featuring homemade soup and bread with an assortment of cookies for dessert!  The Broccol2013-03-28 11.51.45i Cheddar Soup accompanied by a slice of Whole Wheat Bread, followed by a couple of cookies and a cup of coffee was wonderful!  As was the company.  I met the Minister of the congregation, Manasse Habonimana, who has agreed to talk to me about spirit and Last Mountain Lake. I think it will be an interesting story, one I hope to include in the TALES FROM THE LAKE final project.

I collected a tale on Saturday, part of Regina Beach’s contribution to the WWII effort.  Regardless what you think about war, it’s an interesting story.  I’m happy to see people taking advantage of the Storybooth Studio to tell their stories.

I am looking forward to spending time in Regina Beach tomorrow. I’ll be researching and writing inwinter 016 the afternoon and really hope I can find someone out on the ice, fishing. I have an ice-fishing poem that’s itching to be written!  Then, at 7 pm tomorrow evening I’ll be leading a class, WRITE THE EARTH (AIR/SUN/WATER/SKY…), about allowing the natural environment to inspire your writing. It’ll be fun!

It amazes me that this project is halfway through; there’s so much to do!  And I’m having a great time doing it!


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