Drive to Work Day

When I don’t think about the environmental impact of commuting to Regina Beach for work, I enjoy the drive out of the city and back.  One day, before the storm hit last week, the snow sifted across the blacktop like mist on water.  Whirled by the wind, it was mystical, surreal and had a dizzying effect which encouraged me to be more conscious of my driving.

I love my studio space in the Cultural Centre! Each of the three windows provides a view of beauty.  Here’s the southern view, out to Highway #54 and beyond:


And this is the west window.  How beautiful can you get, eh? I really must remember to find out who the stained glass artist is!

west window

And this is the view to the north, to Last Mountain Lake, all frozen over!


Just before those hills in the background is the lake.  That’s where I hope to go ice-fishing tomorrow, after the homemade soup and sandwiches luncheon at the United Church, where I’ll be promoting Tales from the Lake to anyone who’ll listen.


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