On March 18, I began a month-long term as the writer-in-residence at the Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre (LMLCC) in Regina Beach SK. The Centre serves the communities of Buena Vista, Lumsden Beach, Lumsden, Bethune and Regina Beach. In itself a beautiful building created from the old Serath schoolhouse that was moved in about a decade ago, the LMLCC houses the Elsie Scherle Gallery, the local library and several artists’ studios. I have the pleasure of using one on the second floor. One window in it gives a view north to Last Mountain Lake, a second, south to Highway #54 and a third, to the west, is a gorgeous stained glass window.

It’s been a dream of mine, to be a writer-in-residence, to give back to the writing community just some of the support and encouragement I have received from it in my development as a writer. It’s an honour and a privilege for me to serve in this community, in particular. My connection to Last Mountain Lake is long and deep. I spent my childhood on a farm 20 minutes east of the lake, near the community of Earl Grey SK. We’d often trek to Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park for a summer picnic or accompany adults on fishing trips to Fox’s Point.

As an adult, I’ve had the luxury of living in my inlaws’ rustic cottage at Lumsden Beach, just 6 miles from Regina Beach, for a portion of every summer. In my book, This hot place, you’ll find a couple of poems that reference the lake: the poem from which the title comes, “On the shore” and “The Door,” a poem in homage to my late sister-in-law.  Last summer, I was fortunate enough to have almost four weeks’ writing time at the cottage.  That’s when I got serious about a suite of poems having to do with the lake itself, more particularly with my relationship to it. And on my annual trek to St. Peter’s Abbey last month, I also completed the first draft of an essay exploring Wolverine Creek which flows from the northern edge of the Upper Qu’Appelle River – Wascana Creek Watershed into the north end of the lake. My sense is that there’s something deeper running through here.

And why am I telling you all this, dear Reader? Likely, it has something to do with what I’m telling myself — or trying to! But it also serves the purpose of creating a record of this process, a public record, if you will, of what this residency is about for me as well as what I’m up to while I’m there.  So, welcome to the exploration!



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6 responses to “Writer-in-residence!

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  2. Congratulations. You are the perfect person to encourage the next generation of writers and to help more experienced writers perfect their craft.

  3. Congrats, TRM. They’re lucky to have you.

  4. thishotplace

    Thanks, all! So far, so good! Met with the Walking Club today, should be able to get a few tales out of them!

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