Short update

This hot place is living her own life now, on the shelves and in the minds of readers.  May she live long!  It’s been an absolutely remarkable couple of years for me, touring my baby from coast to coast.  She and I still need to get north but I’m convinced that will come, eventually!
Vertigo reading series poster 2012feb13
For now I have some reading/performance dates upcoming. One is the SCIC Global Justice Poetry Slam tonight in Regina and the other, also in Regina, is at the Vertigo Reading Series where I’ll read with local poet, Ken Fox and Saskatoon poets, Fionncara MacEoin and Caitlin Ward. Music will be provided by Ryan Anderson and (if we can get a practice in this weekend) Jim Mitchell and me!

Details are on the poster at the right and on the Tours page.

Life goes on, post-book.  Projects keep calling.  I keep writing.  If you’re interested in my political work, have a look at where I’m dogging and blogging the tarsands issue, thanks to Joe Oilver’s screed in the Globe & Mail a few weeks ago.



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  1. thishotplace

    As does Sarah Wells!

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