As time flies…

First, my thanks to the staff, students and community at Marion McVeety School in Regina for hosting an lovely Author’s Night at their school in January. Apologies for my tardiness is expressing how grateful I am for the opportunity to share my work. Here are the writing ideas or prompts some participants submitted:

    skating on an outdoor rink
    an old man on a ship gets lost at sea
    Burrowing Owls
    a funny story
    a magic box that can move people through time
    three people
    a magical object

In other news, my second central Canadian jaunt is getting close and my excitement is rising! Sadly, the Hamilton reading will not go ahead. However, the Winnipeg event is now a League of Canadian Poets Fundraiser on March 23 at Aqua Books. And, the next night, I’ll be presenting a workshop, “Speaking Truth to Power: Writing for Change,” also at Aqua Books.

Then, I’m off to Toronto for a reading at the Art Bar Poetry Series, Canada’s longest running poetry reading series, on the 29th. I’m really looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting Facebook friends in person!

After that, I’m off to Windsor for a reading at the Bookroom where I plan on meeting some of the Gaia women I sang with in the recording of My Heart Is Moved. And then it’s to Saskatoon to take in the Bruce Cockburn concert. When I get home, around the 4th, I think I’ll collapse for a week!


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