Gatherings and blessings

I’m gearing up for gatherings of our extended family over the holidays.  I’ve been wrapping presents, baking goodies, decorating the house.  Tomorrow, friends and family will drop by to welcome my daughter home for the holidays.  Tonight, all members of my immediate family will sleep under one roof.  I like that.  A lot.

My sister-in-law called yesterday to read what had been written about my appearance in Moose Jaw last week.  It was a glowing report, from what I gathered, and I was happy to hear that.  She promised me a copy and, I believe, it will be online eventually.  She also told me that there had been a piece in the Times Herald, so I googled and found it.  Not as glowing, not really much at all, but a photo, a blurb and a good headline.  I’ll take it!

I have now confirmed two bookings have been confirmed for January.  One at the Vertigo Reading Series in Regina on January 23.  The other at McVeety School, as mentioned earlier, on January 27.  The details are here. And the Louis Riel Trail podcast will likely take place in January, too.  We’re trying to find a date that works.

To all who have made this year so very special for me — to Al and Jackie at Thistledown Press, to my fantastic editor, Liz Philips, to Kim Menzies for the beautiful art on my cover, to the incredible organizers of my readings throughout Saskatchewan, western Canada and Ottawa, to the dear friends and family who hosted me, to those who attended the readings and those who bought my book, to the folks at the Saskatchewan Book Awards, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, the Saskatchewan Writers/Artists Colonies, the Sage Hill Writing Experience — to all of you who played some role in making my dream come true — I wish you a happy holiday and bright blessings for the new year.  Peace and love to you and yours.


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