A late night update

To be a nominee at the Saskatchewan Book Awards Gala is really an honour! There I was, dressed in my finery, hair done up and wearing a flower on my lapel, just like all the other nominees. And my table was filled with dear friends and loving family.

Honestly, I could have asked for nothing better than that! Oh, sure, winning the First Book Award would have been nice, but really, it would have been only the gravy. The honour and privilege that night was in being a nominee, in wearing a corsage identical to the ones worn by Dianne Warren, Sandra Birdsell, Arthur Slade, Brenda Niskala, Byrna Barclay, David Carpenter, by all those writers whose work I’ve admired for years! For that evening — at least until the awards were handed out — I was one of them. I was a writer of note. And believe me, after so many years of questioning, of doubting, of persevering, that validation felt so very good!

And so, my thanks to the Saskatchewan Book Awards board and staff for all their work to keep this event going and also to the funders and sponsors who make it possible for the organization to continue. Please continue! I know I am motivated to make my next book every bit as good as This hot place, if not better, so I can again wear the corsage!

For those in the Weyburn area, I’ll be reading at the rescheduled Shortlist reading on December 14, 7 pm at the public library. See you there!

For those in the area of Marion McVeety School in Regina, I’ll be giving a mini-workshop on What Inspires Us: Literacy Through Reading & Writing and I’m thinking we may have to get our hands dirty… We shall see!

Also in the works is a podcast appearance on The Louis Riel Trail. More to come on that.


And now I should think about sleep.


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