A great day for SK writers!

The Saskatchewan writing community can continue celebrating today!

Last week, when I heard that Young Adult fiction writer, Art Slade, won the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award for The Hunchback Assignments I grinned from ear to ear!

Today, when I clicked onto the Governor General’s Awards for Literature website, I raised my arm to the sky and shouted, “Yes!  Dianne took it!”  And then I proceed to read further down the page.  Again, I shouted!  “We got two!  We got Nonfiction, too!  And then I went further down the list and saw that a Coteau author won in another category!  “Oh my gawd!” I hollered,  “Three for Saskatchewan!”

So, my sincere congratulations to Dianne Warren for bringing home the Fiction Award for her book, Cool Water.  Congrats also to Allan Casey on his Nonfiction Award for Lakeland:  Journeys into the Soul of Canada.  And, finally, congratulations to Coteau Books, publisher of Wendy Phillips book, Fishtailing, which won for Children’s Literature.

Congrats to all winners and all nominees.  I will have a lovely drive to Fort Qu’Appelle this afternoon.  I’ll be reading with Brenda Niskala at the Echo Cafe at 7:30 tonight.


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