Going to the Sask Book Awards!

Today I learned that This hot place is nominated for the First Book Award in the Saskatchewan Book Awards!  And, I feel quite privileged to have my work honoured in this way.  Whether I win or not seems secondary.  Just getting the nod, knowing that, yup, my work is of a high enough calibre to be recognized in this way, is simply fantastic!  Of course, the monetary prize would be nice, too…but the sales this will generate will be good, too.

The winners in all the categories will be announced at the Saskatchewan Book Awards Gala which takes place on November 27 at the Centre of the Arts in Regina.  Tickets are $70 and all ticket purchasers receive a $35 charitable tax receipt for their support of the Saskatchewan Book Awards.  It’s a fair chunk of change, yes, but it’s a good meal, a good guest speaker and the proceeds help to support and promote the work of Saskatchewan writers like me.

And all the other nominees, to whom I send my heartfelt congratulations!

See you there!


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