Wow! That was fun!

Dear Reader, please accept my apologies for this rather late report on what’s been taking place with This hot place.  The “Western Tour” was fantastic, albeit exhausting — and it isn’t quite over yet!  I’ve been busy resting in addition to organizing more readings.  And selling books!  I’m so grateful for all those who have purchased copies of This hot place.  Talk about validation!

Last week was my “Alberta Addendum” which saw me in Big River SK and Cold Lake AB.  Next weekend I’ll be in Assiniboia SK  (details), presuming the highways are not washed out or flooded.  Fortunately, everywhere I’ve been has dealt me decent weather.  (Well, yes there was that snow in Edmonton a while back, but hey, I’m a prairie girl.  The prairies sometimes get snow in May and besides, it was the day *after* my reading.)

And here’s some great news!  This hot place has received two good reviews.  Thanks to Andrea Ledding for her review for the Sask Publishers Group.  Please let me know if you see it in any of the rural weeklies in SK.  Thanks also to Bill Robertson for his review of my book in this past weekend’s Saskatoon Star Phoenix.  His comparison and contrast of my work to Glenn Sorestad’s is much appreciated!

Til next time, Dear Reader, stay dry!

I’m working up a summer schedule that will see me read at the hall in Lumsden Beach at some point.  And a Regina Beach reading might also happen.


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  1. Great review! Glad to hear the tour went well!

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