Three provinces in one week?

What was I thinking? Winnipeg on April 27, Saskatoon on May 2 and Edmonton the next day — I’m exhausted! But it’s a good kind of exhaustion. Every where I go people come to hear my poetry and buy my book! How sweet is that?

The Winnipeg crowd was very receptive! Cousins from my family and my spouse’s were there. Representatives of the Earth Charter Singers, a sister group to my Regina singing group were there, as were some writers and activists and some complete strangers! I sold so many books there it put This hot place on the bestseller list for the week of April 25!

Saskatoon was fantastic, too! Lydia’s Pub was packed, thanks to the fantastic scene Taylor Leedahl has created for Tonight It’s Poetry. And again, cousins from both sides of the family, singers, writers, activists and complete strangers bought my book! I look forward to seeing Saskatonians again in the fall.

Last night was Edmonton. The weather was not good but I was happy with the turnout. Again, cousins appeared, as did friends, poets and activists. I’m so very pleased with the support my varioius communities are providing. And it’s so nice to see folks I haven’t seen for years! The icing on the cake? They buy my book!

Fortunately, I can rest a while before Calgary on May 6! And there’s not much else to do here in Edmonton today. There’s about 6 inches of snow on the ground and I did not pack winter gear! So, I’m lazing about (slept til noon) at my friend’s house, catching up on email, enjoying the quiet. Tomorrow I’ll move along to Calgary to visit family and friends and other writers. I’m really loving this!


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