Post PA, NB

I consider the part of Highway #6 from Regina to, say, about Raymore, to be part of my “stomping grounds,” having grown up near Earl Grey. Needless to say, driving that stretch with Bruce Rice on our way to Prince Albert for our reading flashed snapshots of my past. I spared Bruce most of the details.

We met up with the Prince Albert writing group, sans nom, for a lovely dinner. Not one, but two of Bruce’s cousins are in that group! At dinner we told one of them — the one who’d be introducing us, Lynda Monaghan, that we’d arm-wrestled to see who’d go first when actually, we’d discussed it on the way up.

When Lynda introduced me to the group gathered in the library, she repeated the arm-wrestling bit and then said that I’d won, so I was going first! She got a laugh out of me!

The audience was interested and attentive to both our readings. I felt safe and loved. It was a beautiful experience!

We met for lunch the next day then drove to North Battleford. We arrive a little later than we’d hoped because I didn’t take the secondary highway that would’ve cut off a few miles. The map was at home. The turn didn’t look right. But we did get to our destination via Glaslyn and Cochin. It was a warm sunny day’s drive through the boreal forest.

We managed to catch a quick glimpse of the “Inspired by the land” show at the Allen Sapp gallery in NB. It’s been extended to hang through the summer, so if you’re headed that way, do take it in! Our reading was at the library and I was happy to see more folks than I’d expected. Bruce read first and I think he gave a good reading. Mine felt good, so I think it was — at least the comments were good.

We got back to Regina late Friday afternoon. I had Saturday off to recuperate then traveled to Winnipeg, where I now sit, on a friend’s computer, typing this. Tuesday night at 8:00 pm, I’m reading at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Grant Park. See all you Winnipeggers there!


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