Back to Earth!

Well, that was quite an experience — that being the book launches in Regina and Earl Grey!  So many family and friends came together to make the events extra special for me.  My heartfelt thanks goes out to them — and to all who attended!

It was especially nice to see my 90 year-old aunt and a dear friend from the USA at the Regina launch.  As well, it was good to see my cousin-in-law, from Alberta, and her mom, from Texas, at the Earl Grey event.

After all the planning and excitement I guess I should not be surprised by how tired I’ve been this week.  I know that sleeping less than four to six hours a night isn’t a good thing for this middle-aging body.  But believe me, I’ve been making up for it!  Today, I’m finally feeling my feet are back on the ground.  Yesterday’s massage helped, I’m sure!

And so I’m now putting the finishing touches on the western tour, connecting with cousins, friends and colleagues in Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia, hoping to get in as much visiting as possible for the short times I’ll be there.   It’ll be hard to top the recent events but it’ll be nice to have others attend to the detail work!

Finally, sales are going great!  More than 135 books have passed through my hands and I’m hoping sales are great at bookstores, too!  In Regina, the Book & Brier had copies in stock last I checked.  Chapters had it in the system, but not in stock.  If it’s not at your bookstore or library, be sure to ask for it!

PS:  Launch photos are forthcoming.


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