Tour dates update

Everything seems to be aligning quite nicely for a western Canadian tour of This hot place. You can check the tour dates page for more details. Here’s the basic rundown to date:

April 8 Regina SK
April 10 Earl Grey SK
April 21 Prince Albert SK
April 22 North Battleford SK
April 27 Winnipeg MB
May 2 Saskatoon SK
May 3 Edmonton AB
May 5 Gabriola BC
May 6 Calgary AB
May 11 Vancouver BC

Yes, I’ll be tired by the time I get back home, but I know it will have been a lovely time seeing friends and family and meeting new folks. I’m very much looking forward to this.

Please feel free to contact me @ thishotplace at sasktel dot net for additional information or to arrange for me to visit your town.



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3 responses to “Tour dates update

  1. Sarah Wells

    where are you going in Edmonton?

    •  ( 2012.02.22 20:49 ) : How did yo2;78u1#&re making this template? I got a blog at the same time and my template looks kinda bad so people don’t stick to my blog lengthy :/.

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