It’s here!

Earlier this aft, I was busying myself with whatnot when the doorbell rang. A Canada post delivery person carrying two small boxes stood there. I was disappointed; I’d hoped for books. The box said bookmarks. I thanked him and he told me he had another box for me. When I asked him if it was a box of books, he said, “I think so.” I screamed! Loudly!

He carried the box in and put it into the living room for me. I closed the door behind him and set to opening the box. It was well-taped! When I lifted the flaps I felt a bit of shock and awe. The colour was darker than I’d expected. But oh, I loved her immediately! I took one out, rather gingerly, and gazed at it for a few seconds. I let myself feel the moment, hugged my book to my chest, and cried.

This wasn’t your average weep-for-joy cry. This was a robust, deep, and sobbing cry. It came from the centre of my belly in big waves. My whole body shook and I fell onto the couch, still hugging her close. I sat like that for about five minutes.

I pulled myself together enough to call my hubby who was out running errands. He didn’t answer so I left a message. And then I sobbed some more. He came home just after I’d calmed down and while I was talking to my mom. When he took a twenty dollar bill out of his wallet, grabbed a book and a pen and set them in front of me I lost it again! And then I signed it for him. I signed a book!

After that, I popped a bottle of champagne into the fridge. I’ll pop the cork on that when it’s chilled. And I’ll probably cry some more. I’m entitled. This hot place has been a long time coming!

Ask for it at your local bookstore and library! And check out the tour page to see when I’ll be sharing from it in your neck of the woods.



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5 responses to “It’s here!

  1. I love the cover. Very hot place. 🙂

  2. Sarah Wells

    Inspiring Bernadette…..

    good job!!!

  3. thishotplace


  4. Shell

    Who did the cover, B? It is fantastic! Can not WAIT to see the inside! I’m waiting for Peter to let me know that the book is in at Turning the Tide!
    SO exciting! BRAVA to you!! And I’ll be at the Saskatoon launch,

  5. thishotplace

    The cover art is by Kim Menzies and the cover design is by Jackie Forrie. Gorgeous, innit?

    Pete told me he’d order in a couple of copies and see how it sells. I guess he doesn’t usually sell poetry.

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