One step closer…or is it two?

Oh, this book-publishing adventure is certainly an exciting one! Each week, there’s something new to celebrate! Late last week I got word that I’ll be part of a rural author tour that the Saskatchewan Writers Guild is sponsoring this spring. Along with three other authors, I’ll visit four communities and give two readings in each one. One reading will be in the school and one will be in a public place. I don’t yet know the communities or dates, but I’ll be sure to pass them along when I do.

So, that was part of last week. This week I’ve received the two-page spread of the front and back cover. Of course, I wept! The final pdf galleys were also part of that package so my work is cut out for me this week. I want to be finished my line-by-line proofread before my daughter arrives home for Reading Week.

And late yesterday, I received this, the “tip sheet” I am free to use as I see fit.  I sent it to a few media friends.  And this blog seems a fitting place to use it!

One more thing. I was recently reminded that I did not tell anyone that I am open to giving private readings. In the writing world they call these literary salons.   So, if you would like to invite friends and family to a literary salon in the privacy of your own home, you are more than welcome to do so! I will gladly show up, share some poetry, offer my books for sale and sit down for a visit with you and your guests.


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