Moving into the homestretch

This book as been a long time coming.  Needless to say I was pumped when, last week, I received the editor’s comments on This hot place.  My plan was to take in parts of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild‘s Fall Conference and then get to the edits today, Monday.  But I couldn’t.

Oh, I got to the SWG’s conference just fine.  As I said to Brenda, I learned a few things.  I had fun, too.  Best of all, I was reminded that being part of the community of writers in this province is excellent!

But the edits?  Oy!  They would not let me rest!  By the time I got home from the Friday afternoon session, I had to begin.  And I did.  Already, it’s proving to be an interesting process.

During a very vivacious conversation in the lounge of the Hotel Sask after the Caroline Heath Memorial Lecture on Friday night I was also reminded to stock up on dark chocolate.  Brenda had suggested as much in a digital conversation some weeks ago.  She said that chocolate and editing are made for each other.  Who am I to argue?  She has three books of poetry; I have almost-one.

So back to the page go I.



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2 responses to “Moving into the homestretch

  1. It was so nice seeing you! I’m looking forward to your book! Your launch is at the top of our spring holiday plans!

  2. That is very sweet of you, Brenda! It was great to see you and H., too!

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